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Every Year

over 100,000 Dogs and Cats are abandoned in France, one animal every 5 minutes. The number is rising, most are abandoned during the summer, 60% during the holiday period.

Remember that animals are living, sensitive beings, the Foyer "Our Friends on Holiday" is opposed to this abuse and wants to express the sensitivity of the animal and the insensitivity of the person who abandons it, dogs show unconditional friendship, how can the owner/master betray such loyalty? ... this makes the act even more odious!

With the help of your donation, we will initially finance the opening of our Animal centre in Perpignan, in the Occitanie region of southern France. Its mission is to welcome your pets, for free, during your holiday in a calm and warm environment.

Your kind donations will be used for the running of the centre (food, veterinary care, maintenance of exercise areas etc..)

Thank you in advance for your participation, let's try together to make our world better.

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FNAV (Foyer "Nos Amis en Vacances")
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